Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Miniature Pinchers

I Love dogs. I have a Miniature Pincher. I also Rescue Miniature Pinchers. All of you that love small dogs (less than 10 lbs) go to minpinrescue.org and adopt a needy doglet!!


Jen38 said...

Thanks for entering the Hard Candy Contest!

What a great idea for a blog, Minature Pinchers so cute, my niece Kara has one, her name is Izzy. My daughter Sarah is begging me for a dog this Christmas!

Best wishes and hope to hear from you again! Jen

JeansandTs said...

I tried to cut costs on canned food prices. So, I bought some generic canned dog food. I am So So So sorry I did this. The dogs have horrible gas from it and I actually think they are going to run me out of my own home.